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Clear2Dig, LLC is your premier hydro excavation contractor, providing a safe, non-destructive alternative to traditional excavation methods. Our experienced professionals use advanced technology and specialized equipment to quickly excavate without damaging existing property or infrastructure. With our commitment to customer service, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and on budget.



Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is the safe alternative to mechanical or hand digging when encroaching on underground utilities. We use pressurized water to convert solid ground into mud, which is simultaneously vacuumed by a powerful, truck-mounted hydro-vac system.


Sue Line Locating

We use our hydro vac system and professional team to provide pinpoint accuracy for your sub-surface utility engineering needs. This allows for the most in-depth level of utility investigation and eliminates all the unknown placements.


Hydro Slot Trenching

The most common use for slot trenching is to expose any potential conflicts with existing utilities within your project scope. By creating a narrow trench, you can map your next steps and eliminate any costly downtime.


Remote Hydro Excavation

Because of our powerful hydro vacs, we have the ability to excavate in congested and inaccessible areas. With the use of a 6-inch vacuum hose and a small water pressure hose, we can access the areas where traditional excavation equipment is limited.


Pole Hole Excavation

The advantage of using hydro excavation for pole installations is the ability to dig the hole while not risking damage to any of the existing utilities that may be buried.

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Industry Leading Equipment / Top Tier Operators

An essential part of Clear2Dig’s ability to provide excellent customer service is our equipment. That is why we only use the GapVax hydro excavator. Gap Vax hydro excavators are the most advanced hydro excavation trucks in the industry.

Vital to our company DNA is our top-tier team of operators.  Because of their multi-year experience in this industry, they are able to safely execute the many hydro excavation techniques with precision and the project bottom line in mind.

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